One Last Meal Together

My wife and I had a suspicion that her friend Ingrid’s cancer had taken a turn for the worse.

Churrasco, Grey Goose, and Great Friends

When we first moved to Mount Laurel, we didn’t know anyone. We had bought a starter home… a beautiful townhouse in a brand new development by a scenic creek.

It was an area still very much under construction with most of the home sites yet to be built. It was an exciting but intimidating time of “newness” for my wife and me: brand new house (literally), new baby, new job, new neighborhood. But planting ourselves in a new area with no family and no friends was also a bit unnerving and unsettling.

Until we met our neighbors….

Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Peaches and Feta Cheese

Every month, I look forward to receiving my copy of Food and Wine magazine. When this great little magazine arrives in the mail, I fight every temptation to jump right in and devour through the pages. But I don’t. Instead…

Olive Oil Bread

Making bread is a love affair!

If you don’t have the time; if you don’t have patience; if you are not willing to wait….then bread baking is not for you. You can’t rush it. But if you nurture it and allow it to be, you will be rewarded at the end.